Go Fly a Kite

Sri Lankan afternoons seem to be slow, relaxed, restful and introspective. Far from productive, by any meaning of the word.

Instead of having an afternoon snooze, why not venture to Galle Face Green and take advantage of the ocean winds and fly a kite. Definitely, more productive than the other afternoon options in Colombo.

Feel the rush as your kite takes flight

Let it soar, basking at the sight of the vast Indian ocean

Before it hopelessly comes crushing down to terra firma

Not to worry

Send it right back up to its former glory

And if it wants to fly off, buy more string

Let it live where it was meant to be

Yet still firmly attached to the ground by a thread

“There is a metaphor for life, somewhere in all of that”

Did I not tell you that Sri Lankan afternoons are a time for philosophical introspection.

Don’t forget this is best done in a sarong.

Aeration rating: STRONG 10/10

*There are multiple vendors at Galle Face that will sell you a kite for 200-400LKR. You might find that you need to buy more string which will come to 50LKR

** Be wary of the nine year old kite flying prodigy that is only there for a battle

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