On One Hand 

image1-3.JPGMeet Mr Thisara

He is in the front yard

Chest slightly puffed, back slightly hunched and arms freely swinging

He is a man at the top of his game and he knows it

He flashes a huge smile

His front left upper tooth missing

His light brown leathered skin absorbing the tropical sun

He holds onto an old soiled rag

And then he looks up, staring right into the sun

You see Mr Thisara is a climber of coconut trees

This is his job

No rope, no helmet, no harnesses, not even shoes

There is a catch

My eyes suddenly become fixated

I hold onto my breath as soon as I realise

I am perplexed

I am confused

Now I am just plain intrigued
You see…Mr Thisara only has one hand

One hand?

This is correct

He skilfully climbs the coconut tree with just one old rag, his two feet and just

…one hand

That’s all he needs

How does he do it?

He just does it


Because he is the man at the top of his game and he knows it

*Mr Thisara often climbs coconut trees with a sarong. He gives it an aeration factor of 10/10

**Mr Thisara also recommends that this should only be done with a sarong by trained professionals only

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