Morning Jog

You’ve been in Sri Lanka for a few days

Your arteries by now are completely occluded

Your energy levels are low

Your shirt feels slightly tighter

And you can just slip into your pants

Instead of feeling depressed over some more saturated fat and carbohydrate Sri Lankan goodness

Get your arse into gear and release those natural endorphins

Make your way to central Colombo to Viharamahadevi Park (previously known as Victoria Park)

Only one of few places in Colombo where you can unleash on those brand new Nikes

*Best time to go is before 830AM before the tropical heat kicks in. And in the afternoon you run the risk of being shat on by the birds

**Can be done in a sarong. In fact, it is advised so. You won’t be the only one there with a sarong on

Aeration factor 7/10 on most days but if lady luck’s on your side, can expect more on a windy morning

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