Bull in a Jaffna Shop

Pictures will do.


Define “bull in a jaffna shop” : prov. To go to town on a brunch in Jaffna
i.e. Uncle Mahendran went to the Malayan cafe for brunch and was like a bull in a jaffna shop

The Malayan Cafe
C Ponnampalam Rd, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Atmosphere: Typical Jaffna style with all the flair without the bells and whistles. I mean doesn’t get more authentic than this. Food served on a banana leaf and eaten with your grubby fingers (get right in there). Best time to go is for a leisurely brunch.
Menu: Everything is fair game. The vadais straight from the frying pan are good enough to wake the dead.
Price: $ . Most items less than 100LKR or $1AUD
Aeration factor: 6/10. Light breeze was enjoyed but tastebuds needed some time to recover.


*The Malayan Café opened and serving all types of punters (2 legged and 4 legged variety) since 1952

**Would not recommend for punters who cannot enjoy a good hearty no frills no strings attached meal

*** Goes without saying, best enjoyed wearing a sarong

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