King of the Hill

Take the windy roads to the mountains

Escape the big smoke

A breath of fresh air awaits you

When you saunter into King Leisure Residence in Dangolla, Kandy

Where you become King of the Hill

For however long you please


First things first,

There is no doubt that if you want a hondai lasantha [Sinahala – very beautiful] view

Then you sure have come to the right place

A backdrop stunning enough to inspire the most basic of humans (ie. the sarong man) to attempt to learn a new language

And by 6pm with Ceylon’s finest tea in your left hand

Watch the tropical sun set over the lush mountainous jungles surrounding Kandy town


But spectacular views aside,

When you continue your casual saunter into the Dangolla mansion turned boutique dwelling

You feel as if you’ve planted yourself right in the middle of a Wes Anderson motion picture


‘The Grand Kandy Hotel’

…catching the first thought running through my elementary mind


Mismatched artwork abound

From stunning Kandyian pieces of art, to figurines from Japan and a large canvas of a voluptuous exotic women enticingly inviting you in

Welcome to King Leisure Residence in Kandy


Where you are the king

The mansion is your palace

And your leisure is indubitable


Unknowingly constructed in an authentic Sri Lankan homely vibe

It is left to the actors to take the stage and bask in the limelight

And it is here where King Leisure shines above the best

With Chanaka the hotel manager and Supoon the bell boy

The most unlikely of pairings turning this hotel into a home of leisure

Both hard acts to follow


Chanaka wide eyed and expressive, a very talented man to say the least

Full of amazing tales from around the world

Can paint a picture just with words alone

And his creativity is transferrable to the dinner table

Keeping you sated and nourished on your arduous journey of discovery


And Supoon the mild mannered boy from Kurunegala

Tall, calm and measured

Seemingly wiser beyond his years

Yet his tranquillity easily floundered when watching Sri Lanka play cricket

Boy-like jubilation taking over every inch of his body

As he proudly stammers:

“Sri Lanka is BEST!”


Yes son, you are quite right. I’m starting to think that it may just be so.


If you want an impersonal stay in this hilltop town

By all means book yourself into a 5 star hotel in the centre of town or high up in the mountains

However, if you want all the comforts whilst being entertained by the idiosyncrasies of a Sri Lankan home

I think you may have just found yourself at King Leisure Residence.



No.27, Park Avenue,, Kandy, Sri Lanka


+94 77 746 9101


Location 3+/5

Conveniently located in a quiet suburb of Kandy close to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and roughly 15-20mins to the centre of Kandy depending on traffic and roughly 250-400LKR on tuk tuk. Tuk tuks easily organised with Chanaka who will get you the best price.


Room 4+/5

Modern room (tick), plenty of space (tick), wanton creature comforts (tick), mountain views (tick)


Bathroom 3/5

Modern toilet, (a necessity in my books) was thoroughly enjoyed. Shower had luke warm water but would benefit with a bit of increased water pressure. Overall satisfactory.


Amenities 5/5

Comfortable lounge with satellite TV. Also access to Wifi was also thoroughly enjoyed. The ambience created by the Sri Lankan homely aura exuding from all crevices. 


Food 5+/5

Chanaka is a chef by profession. Trained internationally including Japan (can apparently speak better Japanese then his mother tongue Sinhala). The food is first class and Chanaka can make all types of Sri Lankan and Western as well as plenty more based on your desires. 


Bottom Line

Aeration rating: 9/10. A wonderful breeze was enjoyed throughout my stay.


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