A Forest of Clouds

Hark back to my childhood bedtime stories

The night lamp burning

The shadows morphing into heroes and villains

Of ancient warriors and demons battling for pride and honour

The contest of light over dark; good over evil

Playing out over the creases of my warm blanket

The graininess of hot chocolate still on my lips


Overlooking the rolling lush valleys

Fleeting ravines criss-crossing through the gullies

A forest of clouds assemble below

Like a carpet stretching in and around the undulating country side


It is only here that you’ll find yourself a dainty boutique hotel

Away from prying eyes

High on a palisade

Charmingly minimalist

Simple yet luxurious


This tasteful little gem

Just outside the Kandy wall limits

Is the perfect place to kick back, stretch your legs

And familiarise yourself with the new book you bought at the airport but conveniently forgot to read on the plane


Sky Lodge

An apt name really

Where you are seated in prime position

Over mythical Nuwareliya spread out across the opalescent horizon

An ideal place to start before you venture into the fabled lands


Searching for your star crossed love

Feuding demons and monsters

In the setting of a legend older than time itself

Taking me right back to that warm blanket where ancient battles were played out on the creases and the shadows flickered in the night


Sky Lodge Kandy 

79 Misty Grove, Illagolla Rd, New Wariyagala Estate, Kandy, Sri Lanka

+94 777 880 479


*The infinity pool overlooking the mountains at sunset is a highlight. Aeration rating: STRONG

**If you are lucky you may be witness to migratory birds, mongooses, deers, wild boars, wild chickens, village canines (the list just keeps on going)

Location 3+/5

5/5 in terms of natural beauty and unmatched views. Perfect start into the Nuwareliya region However, in terms of convenience a 2/5 if using as a stop to explore Kandy. About 30mins to Kandy and 15mins to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. Tuk tuks roughly 1000LKR to get into Kandy town.

 Ambience 4/5

Minimalist erring on clinical. Slightly impersonal. However, the view does all the talking. Also the hotel manager Kaushi is a lovely and professional man that will help you enjoy your stay. 

Room 5/5

Comfy beds (tick), Modern room (tick), plenty of space (tick),  wanton creature comforts (tick), wanton mountain views (tick)

 Bathroom 4/5

Hot shower (tick). Modern toilets (tick). Cannot complain (tick)

Amenities 5+/5

The big drawcard is the infinity pool overlooking the valleys below (pictured above). Perfect place for an afternoon dip and have moderate-serious life reflections with a gin and tonic in handSatellite tv is available both in the lounge and in the rooms. Has access to wifi but is spotty at times

Food */5

A set menu is available that caters to Western and Sri Lankan cuisines. However, I personally did not try much on the menu during my stay. I’m sure it would be delicious. 

Bottom Line –  Aeration rating 9/10

Stunning views. Sunset swims. Childhood reflections. Moderate-strong breeze was enjoyed


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